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We gave Lani a tubby in the sink today because it was too cold upstairs. We only have electric heat upstairs and it just doesn’t stay warm enough for her baths! She actually enjoyed being in the sink so we may keep up with this for the rest of the winter! Notice the beautiful pink sink? I told you that the lady who lived here before was all about the pink!

Lani’s second tooth on the bottom has just popped through! I knew it was coming because she was up every hour last night and just could not stay asleep! I am not used to those sleepless nights! I am dragging today!

We are FINALLY getting rid of our nasty living room and kitchen floors! Anyone who has been in my house has seen the carpet and can vouch for it’s nastiness! I always excuse the carpet because it embarrasses me and they always say “It’s fine” But I know that inside they are thinking “Do I really want to let any parts of my body touch this?” It’s especially horific to me when friends with babies would come over! Lani is always on a blanket! She will be crawling soon and this is what finally pushed us to get the new floor! Our neighbor and good friend Dave and his family own Holmes Flooring and Cabinetry in Chichester! So, we went to him and he gave us a rockin‘ deal on some carpet for the livingroom and vinyl for the kitchen! Thanks Dave!! We do not plan on keeping these floors forever so we did not go high end. Eventually we want Pergo floors but this will have to do for now! I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am! I will post some before and after pictures! There are some good stains I could show you that might make you cringe:) Even a little wax that melted onto the carpet when I forgot about a candle! YIKES!!

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