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We were able to leave the hospital on Tuesday afternoon after a late morning nap. We were glad to be able to take her home and begin our new adventure as a family of four! Everyone at Concord Hospital was wonderful and were so kind, caring, and had a wealth of knowledge to help even second time parents. Here is our naked chunky monkey weighing in at 8lbs. 3 oz. the next night! When the Visiting Nurse came to our house on Thursday she was down to 8 lbs. She assured us that was normal with nursing babies and her weight will be back up within 3 weeks.

Wesley was so happy when Lani finally was able to come back into the room. He and Michael were able to go into the nursery and see her while they observed her sugars and heart rate. He was all smiles when he finally got to hold the sister he had been anxiously waiting for 9 months to hold. This picture brings tears to my eyes because he loves Lani so much already and I love to imagine what their realtionship will become as they get older.

At 4:15 am on Saturday, June 24th I woke up with really bad cramps in my back. I thought “hmm.. this could be it but it better not be it because this means back labor again.” (I had horrible back labor with Wesley) I tried watching a little TV downstairs and when I decided this was it I went up around 5am to get Michael. We hung around for a while contemplating when to call the doctor because the contractions were about 3-5 min apart. So as the back pain progressed and I began to panic we called the doctor and she said ” relax, don’t rush, eat some breakfast and we will see you at the hospital in a little while.” Relax, yeah right! So, I ate two bites of toast, Michael did the dishes, and Wesley watched some cartoons! Soon I couldn’t take it anymore so we headed to Concord Hospital. When I got to the hospital aropund 8 am I was 4 cm already and was admitted. The nurse we had was my hero because she gave me hot pack for my back, Lani moved and my back labor was gone! So for the next 9 hours I labored with a smile on my face. (Most of the time) Although the contractions were painful I could get through them and relax in between with my family and friends who were there!
At around 5pm my Doctor came in and said that after watching Lani’s reactions to my contractions that I should go in for a c-section. Her heart rate was dropping significantly with even weak ones and since I was only 6cm and labor was only going to get harder we did not want to take that chance with Lani. I was just glad that I had tried to go natural after having a cesarean with Wesley and knew that this was best for Lani. Michael had just take Wesley down for dinner so my friend Jen ran down to get him because to our surprise we had about 20 minutes before I was going into the operating room. He thought Jen was joking but she convinced him she was serious and he came back up to get into his gear! In the meantime I was prepped and ready to go. I went in for the surgery and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl! She gave us a little scare at first with and apgar score of 4. They let me kiss her then rushed her to the nursery because her heart rate was down to 60 and her breathing was labored due to some mecconeum (not sure of spelling) that she had swallowed. Her blood sugar was low and they also thought they heard a heart murmur. Well as you can see with in a few minutes she was fine and now we welcome Lani Elizabeth Demers to our family.

She was born at 6:42 pm weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long !

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